How You Can Create A Loving, Peaceful, In-Every-Way Healthy Family Starting Today!

"Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have total peace and harmony in your home? With family members speaking kindly and treating each other with love and respect?"

Dear Friend,

Hello! My name is Paula Fellingham and I can help you CREATE that LOVING ATMOSPHERE in your your family life becomes one of continual peace and joy.

Find out why so many high-profile people rely on me for help in the most important area of their lives, and how I can quickly help you, too.

For 26 years I've helped parents - all over the world - overcome incredible obstacles and painful relationships. I've shown them, in simple steps, how to repair relationships and create strong, successful families..and I can show you exactly what works - and what doesn't work. No matter how bad your family situation is, let me explain how you can enjoy peaceful, loving relationships...starting immediately.

You may think it's too late...or that you didn’t have good parenting examples...or that your family won’t ever change. Perhaps when you see other families laughing and enjoying being together, it hurts your heart and you feel discouraged. First know this: There are no perfect families! So many other families have problems just like yours, and the solutions are far easier and more do-able than you may think.

I've taught my simple family-strengthening strategies to leaders of nations at the United Nations, to organizations worldwide, to families across America, and to my own seven children (now grown and living successfully on their own). And I’ll show you, step-by-step, exactly what to say and do for your family.

Ambassador Mohktar Lamani, at the United Nations said, "Paula Fellingham has the wonderful ability of empowering people to improve their lives and their relationships. As she strengthens individuals and families, she is strengthening communities and nations by providing solutions that work."

Two short stories of families I helped say it all...

Recently a mother called me and said that her children quarrel constantly...that their family can't even eat a meal together without criticism, put-downs and quarrels. This mother confessed that she and her husband weren't always the best examples for their kids. She said with frustration, "We're in such a rut...I'm sick and tired of it!" I told her three things she could say to her family - beginning that very day - and we agreed to talk about the outcome one week later.

But less than 72 hours later she called and exclaimed, "Paula - when you told me those three things to say to my family I must admit I was skeptical - I had no idea how fast it would work. But this is absolutely unbelievable! My children are more respectful and obedient already! There's a whole new level of kindness in our home that we've never had before...I love it!"

These same simple strategies will work for you too...

On November 16, 2002, I spent the day counseling a family with eight children. Here's what they said: "Paula is extremely knowledgeable - but more than that, she solves BIG family problems! Paula came highly recommended, and she exceeded our highest expectations. Her strategies are priceless. We've experienced an increase of love, peace and unity in just the short time we’ve used her ideas! It was an incredible day that our family will never forget."
Trevin and Jennifer Wilson

Let me share a few of my Amazing Secrets that even most "experts" aren't hip to. These secrets can help your family the minute you use them!

  • 3 simple sentences that put an immediate end to name-calling, hitting, and quarreling. (These are the same three sentences I told the mother with quarreling children - who later called and reported instant results)
  • 5 easy things that keep you close to your teenager. "They’re almost magic in their effectiveness!"
  • How to instantly eliminate whining and negative talk in your home. Just more whining or rude tones of voice! (And I’ve had 100% success with this!)
  • Simple, straightforward words to improve your marriage relationship...tonight! (These words make weak marriages strong and good marriages great)
  • 3 easy steps to defuse any angry person.
  • Exactly the right thing to say immediately after your child disobeys. (A strategy that creates instant changes)
  • 5 Keys to Great Communication. (Learn the exact words that turn conflict into peace)
  • 3 easy, quick ways to make discipline a positive experience. (Hey, this really works!)
  • How to immediately eliminate two monsters that damage relationships - criticism and sarcasm.
  • Just two things you need to tell your kids every day that teach them kindness and good manners.
  • Simple ways to teach your children to look through "windows" to see the needs of others, instead of looking through mirrors, seeing only their own needs and desires. (The strategy that teaches how to take the "self" out of self-esteem and create compassionate, confident, appreciative children)
  • Simple ways to stop the hurt before it happens...ways to anticipate and avoid family conflict.
    The 3 things you can do to insure a healthier marriage than you’ve ever had. (You’ll be amazed at how these simple strategies will enable your partner to cherish you)

...and so much more!

There are true Solutions for Families in today's world that can help you create a happier, healthier family. I can't wait to share more with you in the coming days, months. and years!

With Love -

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